6 Double Denim Combinations That Work

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Have you ever noticed how most of the men who make wearing double denim look easy are famous? Beckham, Kanye, Timberlake. OK, maybe not that last one. This is because the tricky-to-nail trend often requires a level of nous that only comes from having a stylist.

Fortunately, there are a few fail-safe outfits that are as olden and golden as denim itself. From black jeans and a light wash jacket to white jeans and a chambray shirt, here are the combinations that just work.

Black Jeans + Black Jacket

There are two things that, as a general rule of thumb, make dressing a great deal easier: denim and dark colours. So it makes sense, then, that pairing black jeans with a similar shade of jacket would be a reliable choice that works like a suit to elongate the body.

There’s less pressure to switch up the shades of each than when working with blue washes, though it’s a wise choice to break things up slightly with other neutral shades such as white T-shirt or grey jumper.

Men's Black Jeans And Black Denim Jacket Combinations

zara 2017 nudie jeans 2016 primark ss17 new look ss16

Black Jeans + Light Wash Jacket

An entry-level foray into double denim, pairing black jeans with a light wash jacket is the perfect way to get a grunge-inspired getup without needing any musical ability (or the aforementioned stylist).

While experimenting with extras such as a borg collar in winter can take it up a notch, it pays to keep both elements as classic as possible. Then all it takes to finish is a crisp white T-shirt and some neat footwear.

Men's Black Jeans With Light Wash Denim Jackets Combinations

el burgues 2017 river island 2016 allsaints 2016 matalan aw16

Black Jeans + White Jacket

Denim’s greatest asset is its versatility, much like the colour combination of black and white. Not just limited to dinner suits and formal dos, a monochrome jeans and jacket outfit is a way to nail one of the season’s key looks with ease.

White jeans (favoured by Mick Jones from The Clash) have been growing in popularity recently. But flip the outfit on its head with an easily removed jacket and darker denim below, and the result is an outfit that can be dialled up or down at a moment’s notice.

Black Jeans With White Denim Jacket Combinations

asos the idle man next 2016 allsaints

Tonal Blue Jeans + Shirt

Dabbling in double blue denim may strike fear into the hearts of most men, but there are ways to do it with great effect.

The trick is to go at least two shades different on the top and bottom half to avoid the denim onesie effect. Dark indigo pairs with a light wash well and can be broken up further by wearing the shirt open and adding in an additional layer in a complementary colour.

Men's Tonal Denim Jeans and Shirts Combinations

scotch & soda 2017 j.crew river island aw15 whistles aw15

Dark Wash Jeans + Light Wash Jacket

The rule that your bottom half should always be darker than your top (as opposed to considering the effect this has on the body’s shape) is as restricting and outdated as saying no brown in town when it comes to shoes.

However, that doesn’t take away from the solid pairing that is dark wash jeans and a light wash jacket. This is an intermediate style move because there’s enough difference between the two pieces that you don’t have to worry about wearing a Canadian tuxedo.

Men's Dark Wash Jeans With A Light Wash Denim Jacket Outfit Combinations

scotch & soda aw15 river island ss17 topman 2017 boohooMAN

White Jeans + Denim/Chambray Shirt

White jeans are a great summer wardrobe staple, whether worn box-fresh or a little more beaten up. But knowing what to pair them in can be tricky.

A chambray shirt lends whitewashed denim a touch of ruggedness that it can sometimes be lacking. Just make sure the fit is neat, but not tight, or you’ll risk looking like a sailor on leave.

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