Forever 21 is an American fast fashion retailer with its headquarters in Los Angeles, California. Forever 21 began as a 900 square foot store in Highland Park, CA in 1984, and has grown into clothing lines Forever 21, XXI Forever, Love 21, and Heritage throughout over 600 stores in the Americas, Asia, the Middle East, and the UK. More than 60% of its apparel is made in China and the average store size is 38,000 square feet. Forever 21 is known for its trendy offerings and its low pricing. The company sells clothing, accessories, and beauty products for women, men, and girls. The company has been involved in various controversies, ranging from labor practice issues to copyright infraction accusations to religion. The clothing ages from toddler to grownup, for kids and adults. Forever 21 is the 5th largest specialty retailer in the United States.

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